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SAP Upscale Commerce: Getting Immersive Experience Online Faster Than Ever

Rob Stanich • May 17, 2019

While the last several years saw organizations and brands develop digital and mobile-first strategies, winning companies are now finding that customers are flocking towards integrated experiences.

Across numerous surveys, consumers worldwide are clamoring for experiences that unite physical and digital channels and allow them to search shop, buy, and exchange on their terms. So, then, how are brands supposed to address this need? What technologies are available to them?

Just recently at CX Live 2019, SAP dove into its latest Commerce Cloud solution geared towards this new unified commerce paradigm: SAP Upscale Commerce.

SAP Upscale Commerce is a SaaS-based platform that leverages the power of AI to help small and mid-market brands deliver powerful, relevant experiences at light speed. While many legacy commerce applications are built for desktop experiences, Upscale is developed with mobile users in mind – 70% of current web traffic is mobile.

Here are some key features:

Full PWA and Mobile Application Support

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are app-like experiences that combine with engagement of a mobile application with the intuitiveness and ease of an internet browser. Upscale enables users to build their PWA in as little as a week or so, and they will be able to progressively download updates and enable offline utilization without forcing customers to download anything.

PWAs are shown to be wildly successful – those equipped with one-tap buy capabilities have seen 200%+ improvements in conversion – and it addresses key consumer needs. With the ability to easily import products, choose base templates, and drag-and-drop content, the SAP Upscale PWA engine is a powerful tool.

Users will also have the option of exporting their code into a full-fledged mobile application. When it comes to PWAs and app-like experiences, SAP Upscale can give small and mid-sized businesses the flexibility they need to create modern, immersive, experiences.

Omnichannel Functionality

A large driver of today’s consumer needs is their desire to be known as a singular, unique customer across channels. This means that their online behavior and in-store behavior is known throughout and able to be applied to enhance their shopping journey.

From a logistics perspective, SAP Upscale can handle this with ease. The platform provides Distributed Order Management (DOM) enabling customers to access their orders and select shipping options such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store with ease.

Potential Use Cases

While PWAs and omnichannel functionality aren’t game breaking in and of themselves, having both of these capabilities within the shell of an agile, flexible, scalable SAP Commerce Cloud offering is certainly exciting.

Small and mid-market organizations can look at SAP Upscale as an intriguing option to building out a lean, functional digital experience that can get their brand online and to market quickly and cost-effectively. But, what about larger, SAP-heavy organizations?

While SAP Upscale doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a platform like SAP Commerce Cloud, it certainly can provide value for larger organizations through it’s engaging mobile experience and rapid go-to-market abilities. Brands can launch promotional sites, pop-up stores, and special loyalty experiences via Upscale, saving themselves boatloads of time and spend compared to developing an entirely new experience from scratch.

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