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Developing Style Guides for eCommerce

Operational Excellence January 16, 2019

A hallmark of a successful eCommerce website is its own unique identity and brand. Driven from the company’s vision, they set forth with a design partner to design the site. […]

Digital Incident Response: The OODA Loop In Action

Operational Excellence January 3, 2019

It’s 2 am. You’re sound asleep, dreaming of marshmallow clouds, taco cats, and rainbow unicorns. Suddenly, your pleasant dreams are shattered by the piercing notes of your phone’s alert tone. […]

Initializing Automation for Testing Efficiencies

Operational Excellence December 7, 2018

Optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of digital QA teams is one of the smartest things a company can do. One way to do this is through automation. Recently, LYONSCG decided […]

Application Monitoring: The First Line of Digital Defense

Operational Excellence December 5, 2018

Previously, we discussed the difference between infrastructure uptime and application uptime, and why the LYONSCG Application Hosting team measures success against the latter. In this post, we’ll cover what application […]

Building a Culture of Quality in eCommerce

Operational Excellence November 20, 2018

eCommerce has empowered shoppers to take shopping from the malls to the living room to the palm of their hands. It has also given them the power to analyze data […]

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