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Managing the Cognitive Load of Website Monitoring

Operational Excellence July 25, 2019

We can monitor everything, and we can alert on everything, but in the end, cognitive overload can quickly exhaust the support team who is responsible for getting up in the […]

How to Work with a 3rd Party Creative Agency

Operational Excellence July 16, 2019

Working with an outside agency to make the client’s creative vision an eCommerce reality brings with it many collaboration challenges and opportunities.  I’ll start by listing the common problems and […]

Successfully Balancing Alert Technology

Operational Excellence July 9, 2019

Success in the world of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) can mean many things. Foremost we must ask our ourselves the following questions: is our website up, is it performant, does […]

My Site Was Fast, and Now It’s Not. What Happened?!

Operational Excellence July 5, 2019

You spent a ton of time and money building an amazing digital commerce experience, you launched your site, and at first, things were great! The money and the accolades came […]

Security is Everyone’s Job

Operational Excellence June 25, 2019

Today’s headlines are full of news about criminals stealing our digital data. From credit card details to healthcare records, our personal information has never been more at risk than it […]

Salesforce B2B Commerce: The Path Forward

Operational Excellence June 12, 2019

Prior to being acquired by Salesforce, the explosive growth of CloudCraze – a premier SaaS B2B commerce solution – could be explained by its Salesforce-native applications and its speed to […]

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