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Uptime Update: LYONSCG Annual Results

Darius McCaskey • March 6, 2019

As we establish new goals for a new year, it’s important to look ahead and develop plans to achieve those goals. It’s also important, however, to look back at the achievements of the previous year to inform those new goals and plans. As they say, you have to know where you’ve been to get where you’re going.

Previously, we discussed application uptime as it relates to eCommerce sites. We also covered the importance of quality monitoring and an appropriate incident response plan to minimize downtime. All of these programs work to enhance site uptime and performance, creating a better customer experience and driving sales. Just how important is uptime? In 2013, Amazon went down for about 30 minutes, costing the company almost $2 million.

Now, we know that Amazon is definitely a digital outlier, but the concept remains the same: downtime has severe costs.

2018 Results

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients don’t face the unfortunate effects of unplanned downtime.

That is why we are happy to announce that, for calendar year 2018, clients hosted by LYONSCG averaged 99.954% uptime (corresponding to roughly 4 hours/year of unplanned downtime.) During the busy and high-stakes holiday season (November and December), that average was an even higher 99.973%.

Several of our clients saw 100% uptime during the holiday months, including all of our clients on the SAP Commerce Cloud platform. Furthermore, every LYONSCG client had 100% uptime over the most important holiday shopping period: Cyber Weekend.

Compared to 2017’s 99.929% annual and 99.968% holiday averages, 2018 represents an increase in site availability by roughly two hours per year, or four seconds per day, over the holiday period. This is significant given the increased traffic and sales our clients experienced during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If your New Year’s resolution was to increase digital customer satisfaction, conversion rates, and sales, ensuring constant uptime is a great way to accomplish that. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how achieve this, contact LYONSCG. We’ll help you stick to your resolution and achieve your digital goals.

Darius McCaskey

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