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Application Monitoring: The First Line of Digital Defense

Operational Excellence December 5, 2018

Previously, we discussed the difference between infrastructure uptime and application uptime, and why the LYONSCG Application Hosting team measures success against the latter. In this post, we’ll cover what application […]

Application Uptime: Keeping the Lights On (And Then Some)

Operational Excellence September 25, 2018

LYONSCG’s Application Hosting group tracks application uptime data for all of our hosting clients. Our dedicated data center in downtown Chicago, Illinois acts as a home base for the AH […]

File Sharing in eCommerce – Past, Present, and Future

Operational Excellence February 13, 2018

In order to cost-effectively operate at scale, an eCommerce platform needs multiple application nodes. However, with multiple nodes, there must be a mechanism to share certain assets – e.g. product […]

High-Value Load Testing: Accelerating Time-to-Market

Operational Excellence February 7, 2018

Brilliant new features are what keep digital storefronts relevant and popular, but it doesn’t matter how brilliant the feature is if it collapses under load as excited visitors attempt to […]

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