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Webinar Recap: Digital Content and the Customer Journey

Christian Sharrow-Blaum • March 9, 2018

In the ever-changing landscape of digital commerce, there remains one constant: customers expect easier, more efficient ways to shop how, when, and where they want.

In 2018, the rate of change is only increasing. More than ever, brands must continue to adapt their business strategies to answer the expectations of their customers in all stages of the buyer journey.

Back on March 8th, LYONSCG Sr. Consultant and SEO Team Lead, Taylor Brennan, and Experience Architect, Russell Schofield, broke down the top considerations for optimizing digital content throughout the customer journey.


2018 SEO Outlook

First, these two experts took a look at the most important trends and shifts in the SEO landscape. Like anything else in 2018, this centered on mobile. Google and other search engines are going to be rewarding mobile-optimized sites and content more than ever.

Further, search in 2018 is aiming to be more helpful than ever. Instead of just regurgitating information, engines are focusing on “micro-moments”, or the specific inquiries people make when they can be best helped by technology.



Taylor and Russell do a great job of analyzing these instances and provide insight on how to capitalize on them.


Customer Journey 

Moving on, the conversation turns from SEO to the customer journey – the path shoppers take from awareness to conversion. At different stages of their journey, customers will need, want, and search for different things. Successful retailers will be the ones who give them exactly what they’re looking for.

This is where content comes in. The queries associated with different stages of the customer journey need to be answered by equally specific and helpful content. Effective engagement in 2018 is about tailoring content to address these specific needs and move customers along on their journey. Taylor and Russell go on to explain in detail how various clients have approached their content strategy, and share best practices for businesses that want to implement one.


Topic Clusters

Lastly, the webinar turned to topic clusters – groups of related content that establish and improve a site’s authority for the targeted themes that are most important to customers.



This cluster strategy takes a non-linear look at the customer journey and supports experiences aimed at satisfying customer needs without them leaving the site. These content groupings are built to engage shoppers with information, comparisons, and research to help move them along to conversion without losing focus of the original reason they typed anything into Google.

LYONSCG clients have seen great success using this cluster model, and Taylor and Russell break down some of their favorite use cases, giving attendees all they needed to jump-start their own content optimization.


But I Didn’t Attend…

The bummer about webinars is that they’re live; if you’re not there, you miss out. The positive, though, is that here at LYONSCG, we record and share all of our past webinars, so it’s like you never missed a thing.


Click here to access our webinar replay where you can attend the session on-demand and even download the slide deck for future reference.

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