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SEO and Navigational Taxonomy

Operational Excellence July 19, 2018

Website redesign and restructuring can be a massive, costly endeavor that involves a plethora of development, design, and marketing specialists. You want to ensure that whatever changes you’re making will […]

Content Design Strategy for Digital Storefronts

Customer Experience June 23, 2017

As the world of eCommerce continues to grow and evolve, sites aren’t thought of as simple web pages, but as digital storefronts. Consumers crave sleek and modern page designs full […]

First-Click Testing: Freedom From New-Feature Fear

Customer Experience January 31, 2017

Striking a balance between intuitive functionality and differentiated design is a considerable challenge in the world of eCommerce. Ideas for innovative site features often wilt on the vine, struck down […]

The Quest for Intuitive eCommerce Navigation

Customer Experience October 8, 2015

By Therese Kokot, Senior Experience Architect Measure the Baseline To have a profitable eCommerce site, it’s essential to provide intuitive pathways for your customers to quickly find products and information. As […]

You’re Just my Type! Typography and the user experience

Uncategorized July 16, 2014

For a long time, web developers were limited to a small collection of fonts—Times New Roman, Courier New, Georgia—which didn’t allow for much creativity from a user experience design perspective. […]

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