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You’re Just my Type! Typography and the user experience

Mark Rattin • July 16, 2014

For a long time, web developers were limited to a small collection of fonts—Times New Roman, Courier New, Georgia—which didn’t allow for much creativity from a user experience design perspective. The advent of web typography came and gave us the chance to breathe life into the design of our sites. Typographical nuances help shape the tone, feel, and brand presence of a site.  The use of cool and interesting type is a lot more frequent these days and gives a designer the opportunity to add a unique touch to their work.

An example of typography used very well is Mooncamp, a Basecamp next client for iPhone. Along with cool behaviors and images, the site offers a beautiful type that captures the futuristic tone of the application and appropriately characterizes the brand’s identity as an “unearthly Basecamp client.”



Another example that I love is Turner Classic Movie’s 2013 site for their series, “Summer Under the Stars.” For the series, TCM dedicated a day each to some of the industry’s most iconic movie stars by showing films starring the famous individuals. TCM set up a site with a unique horizontal movement, where a user could scroll to a particular day to see what star was featured. Each star had a different typographic personality that was revealed when you hovered over their side profile. Combining beautiful typography with interesting layers, beautiful colors, and brilliantly executed web animation and behavior, TCM really was able to create a fabulous user experience on this site.



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