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The Top LYONSCG Content from 2018

Christian Sharrow-Blaum • December 28, 2018

Over the past year, we strived to compile our knowledge and expertise to enhance our educational best-practice guides and assets. From in-depth resources (free publications, webinars, and papers) to dozens of informative blog posts, sharing our wisdom and developing helpful content is a core priority for us at LYONSCG.

We couldn’t be more grateful to the amazing community of clients, partners, employees, and readers that help develop, guide, and optimize these assets. Enjoy our best content from 2018, and stay tuned for more useful, interesting assets this year.



Complete Control of the Customer Experience 

Having a truly 360-degree perspective into your customers is critical to building experiences that engage, convert, and delight. In this guide, we look at various aspects of Headless Commerce – the decoupling of the front-end experience and back-end commerce functionality – and how they enable organizations to personalize experiences like never before.








Tarte Case Study: A Bold and Beautiful Experience

Tarte is a beauty innovator. Looking to expand its eco-chic, cruelty-free cosmetics business, Tarte wanted to create a digital experience that would enable it to scale and engage its millions of social media followers in new and exciting ways.







Smart Globalization: 5 Considerations for European eCommerce Expansion

Digital commerce has made expanding into European markets easier than ever. Even though the continent is full of digital-savvy consumers, though, businesses need to be smart when developing and deploying their overseas growth strategies. In this guide, we take a look at the 5 most important items when planning to build a business overseas.







Perfecting Personal: Engagement at Scale 

Today’s consumers want to “own” their products on a deeper level than ever before. From personalization engines to made-to-order business models, merchants are looking for digital solutions that deliver this personal touch at scale. Perfecting Personal, a white paper produced by Commerce Futures and sponsored by LYONSCG, takes an in-depth look at the concept of “customization at scale” and analyzes the variables behind successful personalization strategies. 






Subscription Commerce 

An engaging and intuitive buying experience is the glue that holds B2B relationships together. Today’s buyers are constantly looking for suppliers that can make their processes easier and more personalized than ever before. The fact of the matter is that if your organization is not offering a tailored, one-to-one buying experience, buyers will look elsewhere. LYONSCG and SAP partnered on this white paper to dive into the challenges and opportunities of subscription commerce.







Chicco Case Study: Building A Customer-First Digital Experience

Chicco is a renowned global expert and retailer for everything baby. This case study highlights how Chicco and LYONSCG partnered to deliver a site that not only drives revenue but informs new parents on the latest and safest items for their new children. The site also took home “Best In Category” at the 2018 Horizon Interactive Awards.







LYONSCG Rapid Launch Program 

In 2018, we launched one of our most innovative solutions yet for Salesforce Commerce Cloud – the LYONSCG Rapid Launch Program. Through our unique, proven processes, we are now able to offer brands the ability to launch a fully functional site on Commerce Cloud in as few as 12 weeks.









Pharmaca Case Study: A Prescription for Digital Success

As a comprehensive wellness emporium, Pharmaca carries numerous brands more recognizable than its own. That’s why the retailer reached out to LYONSCG’s Digital Marketing team – to enhance its visibility and drive more traffic through search and social channels. Check out how our team optimized Pharmaca’s organic search, launched paid media campaigns and gave the retailer all the data it needed to drive its decisions moving forward.

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