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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Six Email Optimizations for the Holidays

Christian Sharrow-Blaum • October 24, 2017

When preparing for the holidays, eCommerce retailers have a lot on their plate. From traffic spikes to design elements to order processing, the list of holiday prep work can be long enough that some items get overlooked. One of these items is email.

Email is the bread-and-butter of eCommerce communication strategies and can make or break your holiday results. That’s why Danielle Savin, LYONSCG Director of Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing, and Desiree Botica, LYONSCG Digital Analyst, took the time to share their holiday email insights in a great webinar – Six Holiday Email Optimizations You’ve Probably Overlooked – that is now available on-demand.

The session looks at six optimizations that can be quickly implemented in time for the holidays. From integrating new subscribers to refreshing core email templates, these optimizations are proven winners. Their real-world applications provide listeners with a clear blueprint for email success during the holiday season and beyond.


Watch the webinar and access the presentation deck here


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