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eCommerce and Retail Statistics from June 2016

Mitch Hirst • July 20, 2016

June’s retail stats continue to reflect growth in eCommerce with mobile trends gaining greater traction.

Check out the digital commerce and retail statistics from June 2016:

Clothing and Accessories Sales Decrease, But Overall Retail Sales Up

  • Year-over-year retail sales in the US were up 5.1%, with a 0.5% increase in month-over-month sales.

  • Most clothing and accessories retailers reported a decrease in monthly sales, except for Gap Inc. After seeing negative trends throughout much of 2016, Gap Inc.’s monthly same-store sales rose 2%.

  • While sales decreased in the clothing and accessories segments in June, overall US retail sales increased. For 2016, retail is expected to grow 3.5%.

  • eCommerce, Mobile Commerce, and Social Commerce Rising

  • eCommerce represented 7.1% of US retail sales in June, with estimated growth of 9.8% by 2019. That story is the same outside North America. In Western Europe, eCommerce represented 7.5% of retail sales and in Asia/Pacific, that figure climbs to 10.2%

  • In 2016, mobile commerce will make up 32% percent of eCommerce sales and 2.5% of all retail sales.

  • Social commerce will account for 10% of the $414 billion projected in eCommerce sales by 2018.

  • June’s strong digital commerce growth isn’t totally surprising. Like last month, we’ve seen these trends play out across all our projects, especially in housewares and home furnishings. And surprisingly, against industry trends, we’ve seen an uptick in year-over-year demand in our clothing and accessories projects.

    Mitch Hirst is a digital analyst on the insights and optimizations team at LYONSCG. He is an expert at analyzing site experiences and transforming the resulting data into digestible, actionable customer insights.

    Patrick Cole is a digital strategy consultant and a core member of the insights and optimizations team at LYONSCG. He spends the bulk of his day mining for revenue-driving insights in a wide variety of digital platforms. During his tenure, Patrick has honed his ability to answer complex questions through a scientific approach. He can be found by the melodic and determined sound of his typing.

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