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The Digital Store Solution for your Demandware Site

Jen Scott • October 15, 2014

The Digital Store Solution from Demandware is a cool new tablet-based app that bridges the eCommerce gap between brick-and-mortar retail store and the cloud. It gives your store associates the full power of your Demandware storefront from an easy-to-use tablet app.

The app lets associates on the physical floor tap into your vast online store. At the tap of a finger, associates have the ability to look up inventory levels in their store as well at other locations, complete purchases on behalf of customers, view customer profiles and order history, and get product details and pricing. At store associates’ fingertips, quite literally, is the ability to leverage customer profile data and order history for a more engaging and profitable shopping experience.tablet in store

The Digital Store Solution works with your Demandware store, using the same catalogs, inventory and price lists, but allows for sales associates to have more fine-tuned control over a transaction with customizations for price matching and shipping overrides. Integrations with payment terminals, bar code scanners, receipt printers and payment processors mean that an associate may shop on behalf of a customer, take payment on the spot and send the customer on her way with the in-store items she purchased and a receipt (or email) confirmation for the online items being shipped directly to her home. If a customer has saved products in his cart, they can be merged into his in-store purchase for seamless checkout. Customers who are not already in your system can have profiles created at the time of the transaction, which they can access and update from any browser. Any purchases completed with the DSS App are automatically included in their customer profile.

DSS is a hybrid app developed using JavaScript frameworks that are compiled into native code. This single codebase allows the app to be deployed quickly and easily to both iOS and Android devices. Your Demandware Certified team is already equipped with the knowledge to ensure development time is fast and efficient. Out-of-the-box DSS comes with everything needed to integrate into your current Demandware site. The addition of one cartridge and a few scripts guarantees a quick turn-around in development time. In just a handful of weeks, the app can be fully customized and ready for deployment.

Changes to your storefront from within Business Manager are instantly reflected in the app. Business Manager, too gets added functionality. To help manage aspects of the app, such as store manager log in credentials, store associate permissions and price and shipping overrides, a new module, Manage Store Associates, is added to your Business Manager.

If you’d like to learn more about the Demandware DSS, please contact us at or 312-506-2020

Jen Scott is a Demandware Applications Engineer at Lyons Consulting Group. She has over ten years of marketing experience in B2B, non-profit higher education, and retail industries. Jen has co-developed iOS apps with her brother and enjoys going on as many camping and hiking trips as possible.

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