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Use Demandware Content Slots for eCommerce Personalization

Ben Bachtler • July 7, 2016

It’s no secret that eCommerce personalization can boost conversion, upsell opportunities, and average order value. In Demandware, one way to achieve personalization is through content slots.

What are content slots?

A content slot is a marketing functionality in Demandware that lets you personalize your site’s content based on specific rules. For instance, you can display a banner that promotes a seasonal campaign, targets a specific group of customers, or features a certain set of products. Content slots create meaningful shopping experiences by displaying relevant messages, products, images, and editorial content that entice shoppers to buy.

The rules you set for content slots could be something simple like a campaign’s start and end dates or a specific product ranking. You can also configure them for greater complexity, which makes them important when developing promotion strategies and targeting them to shoppers.

Content slots offer a great deal of flexibility with site content and layout, so they’re useful for nontechnical people. You won’t have to dive into complex code to create or update content slots, which makes marketing on your Demandware site easier and more accessible. Even though there’s no complex code, there are a few different ways to create and adjust content slots, so you should take the time to learn about all the different options.

There are two types of content slots in Demandware: global slots and category slots. Global slots can appear on any page of your eCommerce site, whereas category slots only appear on category-specific pages. For example, global slots are used to feature content across your site, such as a free shipping promotion. Category slots depend on the category ID, so they’re used to display content specific to a category like a seasonal sale on winter coats. You could also configure the content to only display to shoppers in cold-weather climates.

Content slots in Demandware give online retailers much-needed control and flexibility in merchandising, marketing, and personalization of their eCommerce sites, especially for nondevelopers.

If you want to learn more about merchandising and marketing in Demandware, check out our post on Understanding Predictive Merchandising for your Demandware Store.

Ben Bachtler is a Demandware applications engineer on the eCommerce implementation team in LYONSCG’s Chicago office.

LYONSCG is a Strategic Solution Partner in the Demandware partner ecosystem.

Ben Bachtler

About the author

Ben Bachtler

Ben Bachtler is an Applications Engineer out of LYONSCG's Chicago office. Specializing in front-end development, Ben builds high-quality sites that drive engagement and conversion for clients.

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