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Functional Programming, JavaScript & Closures

Operational Excellence August 2, 2016

Ever since the JavaScript expert Douglas Crockford wrote that JavaScript is “Lisp in C’s Clothing,” interest in the functional side of JavaScript has exploded. Nowadays there are many libraries (and […]

Developing for eCommerce: Q&A with a Technical Architect

Customer Experience July 27, 2016

Last week, LYONSCG Technical Architect Eric Marsh gave a presentation on eCommerce development to members of Chicago’s web technology community at a local TechNexus Meetup. Speaking to a group of […]

Simple Trick: Centering Elements in SCSS

Operational Excellence July 14, 2016

There are many situations when a developer needs to center an element on a page. Sometimes, when you give it an absolute position using a manual top/bottom and left/right, it […]

Why Software Developers Should Test Their Own Code

Operational Excellence May 31, 2016

With hundreds of eCommerce implementations under our belt, the implementation process here at LYONSCG requires that developers test their own work before releasing it to quality assurance. Why do we […]

Web Development and Creativity

Operational Excellence July 2, 2015

How to Foster New Ways of Thinking and Seeing By Jen Torchia It’s a common misconception that coding is black and white. People also tend to think that web development […]

Web Design and Your Online Style Guide

Customer Experience July 1, 2015

By Matt Rose In modern web design, more and more of the design work is happening directly on the web to allow for the highest level of collaboration between all […]

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