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Meet Our Pride: Dacia James, Hybris Applications Engineer

Christian Sharrow-Blaum • March 29, 2018



Name: Dacia James 

Position and Practice: Applications Engineer, Hybris, Commerce Realized

Location: Chicago

LYONSCG Tenure: 3 months and 2 weeks


Q: First off, tell me a bit about yourself

A: Personally, I am definitely a “move to the beat of my own drum” type of woman, as I love to express myself and enjoy what life has to offer. It is important to me that all aspects of my life are fulfilling, which includes my family, my career, and my soul. I am a huge Chicago Bears, NFL, and Chicago Blackhawks fan.

Professionally, as a seasoned applications engineer, I bring 13+ years of front-end development experience, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, accessibility, cross-browser compatibility, cross-platform, unit testing, and Hybris expertise. I take pride in my ability to learn, collaborate, ask questions, gain clarity, provide answers. and get things done!


Q: How did you first get involved in the technical side of digital commerce?

A: Well, I took a class in college and I did not think much of it, until about 3 years after graduating. I began creating websites for myself and for friends and eventually decided to do it professionally. In between the time I learned about HTML in college and the time I started working professionally, so much had changed, so I began to teach myself current technologies, surrounding myself with mentors and peers that have done what I was trying to do or currently doing it, and I did a lot of research. 14 years later, I am still learning. I am a constant student, but I love it.


Q: What’s a typical day like for you?

A: Once I get to work, I review emails and log my time from the previous day. Then, I jump into the VM (virtual machine) of whichever project I am currently working on to either continue my last task or start a new one. Often times these tasks include creating HTML and CSS, writing Javascript for any functionality, and then creating impex files in Hybris, which will run inside of the client’s Hybris platform for them to modify layouts, content, etc as they see fit.

I get to collaborate with wonderful teammates, both local and remote. Working alongside them makes my job much easier and enjoyable. Again, fulfilling!


Q: What have you been working on recently? What’s been your favorite part thus far? 

A: In my time here so far, I have spent a lot of time learning new concepts and better approaches to projects and development. LYONSCG is such a process-driven company, and that’s why we’re successful.

Therefore, my favorite aspect thus far has been my growth. Coding and creating usable components and pages for people is what I love to do, and finding better ways to work has been very enjoyable. It’s an awesome feeling when every line of code that I write adds value for our clients. What’s not to enjoy about that?!



Q: What skills are the most critical to being successful in your role?

A: Oh wow, there’s a ton. Being willing to learn. Being pliable and flexible. Being proactive. Knowing what to do and then going ahead and getting it done. Communicating early and often. Being a team player. Being available for others.


Q: What’s the most fulfilling part of your role?  

A: The end results! I love knowing that I have used my skills to help get us to the finish line and make a client happy. I can go back and look at what I have done and how I have contributed and am happy with my growth. 


Q: Do you have a favorite LYONSCG memory?

A: In my short time here, I would say my favorite LYONSCG memory is meeting so many invested co-workers at our annual company meeting at the beginning of 2018. I met some really cool people that I continue to speak to this day, even though we work on different teams and projects. That event really reinforced the “One Team” spirit that we’re known for and was such a positive experience.

Christian Sharrow-Blaum

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