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New White Paper – 5 Questions to Ask Your Future eCommerce Design Partner

Christian Sharrow-Blaum • October 19, 2017

Selecting the right design partner at the beginning of any eCommerce site redesign is the most important decision you’ll make. Oftentimes, partner selection comes down to the final product, but, according to Mike Davidson, Executive Creative Director at LYONSCG, focusing partner selection efforts on potential end result can be a recipe for disaster.

No two eCommerce design projects are alike. They are all complex journeys that require communication and collaboration in order to be successful. Of course, the final aesthetic is critical to success, but truly valuable design partnerships need to go a step further.

To help eCommerce decision makers better understand the dynamics of a successful design partnership, LYONSCG turned to Mike Davidson and his team of design experts to develop a white paper that focuses on five critical questions to ask your potential design partners.

From culture to timeline considerations to exploring the creative processes, this paper helps readers understand the unique dynamics inherent in a design partnership, and will help guide decision makers through the partner selection process.


Get the white paper here.


If you’re interested in learning more about LYONSCG’s eCommerce design best practices, check out our on-demand webinar and read our guide on using data to build your design roadmap.

Christian Sharrow-Blaum

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