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This week’s News, Insights & Digital Commerce Tips

Brooke Seldin • July 1, 2016

All the news and insights we’ve been reading this week.

1. Social networks continue to suffer financially. Why nobody wants to pay for them and how it will affect your customer data and CRM.

2. A new Wi-Fi standard makes wireless faster and causes less interference.

3. Web accessibility, interfaces, and design: is your site inclusive? An upcoming eBook ($9.90) schools you on what’s what.

4. Fixing the threat of ad blocking by fixing the ads themselves.

5. You’re not truly omnichannel just because you have a presence on multiple channels.

6. Consumers, not brands, are leading the retail revolution. How can you adapt?

7. How Yahoo’s head of international media manages a global content team.

8. An incredibly simple explanation of The Internet of Things.

9. Already the number-one social platform to influence consumer buying decisions, Pinterest makes an even harder play for eCommerce.

10. Should retailers use product returns as an opportunity for customer engagement?

Brooke Seldin

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