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LEA for Magento: A Discussion of Features

Lisa Mayer • July 7, 2015

LYONSCG eCommerce Accelerator for Magento White Paper

Mobile commerce is taking over and companies who do not offer a responsive experience are losing out. Not only does Google penalize your business in search results, but shoppers on mobile devices will abandon your company. Statistics show that a poor user experience will lead to:

  • 43% defecting to a competitor
  • 29% waiting a year before returning
  • 30% never coming back

That’s why the LYONSCG eCommerce Accelerator (LEA) for Magento was developed. Many small to mid-market companies who are new to eCommerce or are challenged by the complexity, scope and time-frame that typically accompany the building of a robust online store may feel perplexed about how to make the move to responsive design. LYONSCG has taken our extensive knowledge of Magento and created an innovative eCommerce product to address the needs of this market segment.

LEA for Magento is a package that complements the base software, offering additional functionality, pre-selected integrations, and select design services a fully responsive site, for an affordable fixed cost with a fast time-to-market. Learn more by reading LEA for Magento: A Discussion of Features.

  • Usability: How your customer finds products on your site and gets easily through the purchase process
  • Performance: How fast does your site respond to user interaction and how the site performs when a great number of users are actively using the site
  • Integrations: How LEA works with your existing systems for order management, product management and distribution
  • Administration: How we enhanced the administration of Magento to make running the eCommerce site simpler and less time consuming
  • Data Migration: How we can help make the switch from an existing platform onto LEA as painless as possible
  • Development: How we incorporated best practices that enhance and improve the workflow as well as help the support team maintain site performance.

Read an LEA for Magento: A Discussion of Features offers to address the special needs of small to mid-market companies.

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