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First-Click Testing: Freedom From New-Feature Fear

Customer Experience January 31, 2017

Striking a balance between intuitive functionality and differentiated design is a considerable challenge in the world of eCommerce. Ideas for innovative site features often wilt on the vine, struck down […]

Testing eCommerce Websites: What To Test And Why

Customer Experience January 26, 2017

As the digital marketplace continues to expand, a brand’s digital storefront and presence is more important than ever. Testing and optimizing functionality is critical to driving conversion: shoppers will leave […]

Turning Inspiration Into Conversion

Customer Experience January 18, 2017

Shoppers are creative people. When they come to your site, most shoppers aren’t just searching for a product, but they are looking for inspiration. Walk into any large hardware store, […]

Web Element Stacking Made Easy: The Z-Index Property

Customer Experience December 20, 2016

If you’re familiar with CSS , then you may be familiar with the z-index property. You might know that z-indices ensure your formatting layers appear in the correct order, but […]

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