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LYONSCG University: Training Skilled Developers for World-Class eCommerce Work

Steve Susina • March 4, 2016

By Mary Clare Riordan, Marketing Manager

Earlier this week, we celebrated the graduation of our 2nd class from LYONSCG University. This is a special program, designed by LYONSCG and launched in mid-2014, to better meet the need for qualified developers on the Demandware, Magento, and SAP Hybris platforms.

The first graduates of the program were Mike McRoy and David Evans in December 2014. Our most recent graduate, Ben Bachtler completed the program in December 2015 and was recognized on Tuesday in a company-wide ceremony, presided by LYONSCG Development Manager Kristi Hardy, Director of Development Services Lou Lembcke, and CFO & COO Norm Alesi.

LYONSCG University December 2015 graduate Ben Bacthler pictured with Director of Development Services Lou Lembcke (left) and CFO & COO Norm Alesi (right)
LYONSCG University December 2014 graduates Mike McRoy (left) and David Evans (right)

McRoy and Evans currently work on LYONSCG projects as Demandware Application Engineers within our eCommerce Implementation practice, and Bachtler will now join them on the team as a Demandware Associate Applications Engineer.

Identifying the Need for Developer Talent.

Global eCommerce sales are projected to reach $3.551 trillion by 2019. The tremendous continued growth the industry has seen, and will continue to see, translates into the need for highly qualified and skilled developers to implement complex world-class sites in order for our clients to continue to succeed in the marketplace.

To answer this challenge, LYONSCG is doing more than relying on the current talent pool. We initiated LYONSCG University to qualify developers and other technical talent and prepare them to deliver high-quality projects for our clients.

How we Solve the Talent Shortage:

The LYONSCG University program is designed to take developers with the right set of skills and aptitudes, and give them the specific training and education required to become certified eCommerce professionals ready to work on client projects. Graduates of LYONSCG University go through up to three months of training and then three months of “apprentice”, on –the-job experience. This includes:

  • Completion of self-paced coursework around general/fundamental training and software engineering and web application development
  • Work under the direction of LYONSCG development leadership on sample eCommerce projects based on real client examples
  • Completion of platform vendor training and certification

Only after completing all of these requirements are the newly minted LYONSCG University graduates considered ready for assignment to client projects.

Our newest LYONSCG University students have just begun their training, and we look forward to sharing their success with you in the coming year.

If you would like to learn more about this program, contact us or check out our careers page for other job opportunities with LYONSCG!

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