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Welcome to LYONSCG! A New Employee’s Experience

Mary Clare Riordan • October 23, 2015

By Ben Bachtler, Applications Engineer Associate




About three months ago, I started my first job after college as an Applications Engineer Associate at LYONSCG. Not knowing what to expect, I was both nervous and excited. It was soon after starting at LYONSCG that I realized there was nothing to worry about. The combination of passion, integrity, and approachability that I found in my colleagues have made the beginning of my career nothing short of an overly welcoming and awesome experience.

One of the first things I came to know about LYONSCG was how much everyone appreciated the company’s value of Customer Focused. It blew me away. While one prevalent notion about modern business may focus on corporate greed, this company is quite different. Doing anything it takes to enable a client to be successful is refreshing. The culture here really highlights the difference between doing the minimum and going above and beyond. At LYONSCG, if a customer isn’t satisfied, then we shouldn’t be satisfied. Excellence, one of the company’s goals, serves as a prevailing mindset for the general workflow of operations. It seems, at a fundamental level, this attitude extends throughout the company in a number of ways. And indeed, I am lucky to have become a part of that.

I believe LYONSCG’s value of Customer Focused is a reflection of the company’s focus on the employee. The levels of integrity and passion here are admirable. I constantly see coworkers going beyond their original responsibilities to help where it’s needed. For example, one of the Senior Applications Engineers here voluntarily constructed a six-hour course to assist and walk me through debugging a broken website. Upon completion, I obtained a valuable sneak-peek of what to expect and what to look out for in projects to come.

Whether it’s been helping me set up a development toolkit or staying after-hours to assist in reviewing coding techniques, I’m continually impressed by the support I have received in the office. But beyond that, there exists a care for each employee that makes coming to work a joy. One day, ice cream was handed out to everyone at the office for no apparent reason. Another day, the office took a trip to see the White Sox play. We recently gathered together in the office breakroom to watch the Cubs in the playoffs, all while munching down on some delicious Chicago mix popcorn. Every Monday we recognize an employee from each office as Lyons of the Week for their hard work and dedication to the company. It’s events like these that not only take the stress away from the daily grind, but also inspire me to do my part.

As my Lyons University training comes to a close and my Demandware certification draws near, I am prepared with a number of valuable resources: an ever-growing set of technical skills, an appreciation for the eCommerce applications development process, and a network of dedicated, reliable peers. I appreciate what I have learned so far at LYONSCG, and look forward to experiencing even more great work here in the future.

Are you interested in becoming part of the LYONSCG team? Check out our open positions here!

Mary Clare Riordan

About the author

Mary Clare Riordan

Mary Clare Riordan is the Marketing Programs Manager at LYONSCG. When she's not running creative demand generation campaigns, you can find her cheering on Boston sports and Marquette basketball, running along the Chicago lakefront, or spending time with family and friends.

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