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Selecting eCommerce Web Hosting and Support

Stephen Chinn • June 8, 2015

selecting ecommerce web hosting and support

You’ve worked hard to get your new eCommerce site ready to launch. Your design is on trend. The photography should be hanging on a gallery wall. That 3D dressing room will have visitors trying on outfits for days. Check-out is a snap. Search serves up results like a Wimbeldon champ. You’ve created the Best. Site. Ever!

Now comes the hard part – eCommerce web hosting and support.

A healthy, thriving eCommerce site is the heart of your business which means your web hosting and support provider are part of your company day-in and day-out as they care for your eCommerce site. LYONSCG understands what goes on “behind the curtain” so we’ve put together 5 tips for “Selecting eCommerce Web Hosting and Support” in which you’ll learn:

  1. Why “Hours Included” is a poor comparison factor and why quality not quantity matters
  2. How well hosting infrastructure can work together with the eCommerce platform
  3. How first-hand knowledge of your eCommerce application is crucial
  4. Why an open approach to support is best
  5. What to expect in a full website or code-level review

Find out 5 tips for selecting eCommerce web hosting and support.

Stephen Chinn

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