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Paid Social Media to Promote Your Brand

Lisa Mayer • June 8, 2015

paid social media to promote your brandAuthored by Sarah Griffis and Jess Jenkins

Organic (free) social media efforts are no longer sufficient to get your brand noticed. Response rates for organic posts have plummeted, with average conversion rates for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest falling to 2.3%, according to eMarketer. Social media is now a pay-to-play environment as platforms look to develop new revenue streams.

Investing in Social Media
We find that many brands we work with lack the resources to support all the social media channels. The question is where to invest your time and money for the greatest impact? What’s the best way to track and attribute demand so you can optimize future paid search?

The LYONSCG white paper “Paid Social Media to Promote Your Brand” will help you develop a paid campaign. You’ll learn:

  • What goes into planning for social media
  • How to optimize Facebook and Pinterest campaigns
  • What good social media content looks like
  • Why social listening and engagement are important
  • How to monitor campaign performance

Paid social media pays off. Let LYONSCG show you how to engage customers across different social platforms by matching message to your platform; drive sales by creating tailored social campaigns; and how to support your social media efforts with the right technology and marketing dollars. Read “Paid Social Media to Promote Your Brand

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