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Web Hosting and Handling Traffic Surges

Lisa Mayer • April 10, 2015

tom petty coverHow your web hosting company handles traffic surges can make or break your site. You can’t afford to alienate customers or lose sales.

Are you and your site ready? Ensuring response speed and performance are a function of your hosting environment. You should work closely with your hosting provider to make sure they have the ability to handle any increase in traffic, at any time, for any reason.

A good hosting provider should be able to differentiate between issues with servers and capacity; issues with the database; and issues with application software scalability. Discover in the white paper, Web Hosting and Handling Traffic Surgeshow some sophisticated server load adjustments and database work by LYONSCG and Magento, enabled the Tom Petty official site to enroll new fan club members and sell advance tickets to the Summer 2014 tour.



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