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eCommerce Site Speed: How to Measure

Lisa Mayer • April 10, 2015

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With customer attention span ranging from 2 – 8 seconds, do you know what measure of site speed really matters? If you think page load time is the way to measure site speed, you might be losing shoppers and, resulting revenues.

Instead of focusing on page load, you should be looking at “time-to-interact”. This metric, which denotes the point when a user can take their next action on your site, tells you a lot about your customer’s shopping experience. After all, if they can’t accomplish their goal satisfactorily, they’ll leave your site.

A look at the 10 most popular web stores in the Alexa Retail 500 demonstrates how misleading page load can be. Net-a-Porter, a high-fashion retailer, ranks sixth on the list with a page load of 10.6 seconds., American Eagles outfitters, ranks eighth on the list with a load time of 19.8 seconds. So what about the “8 Second Rule”? The key lies in a time-to-interact of 2.1 seconds! A short TTI makes it easy for customers to search, click on a menu item, view rich content, and other important tasks that lead to a purchase.

So, if you want to optimize your site for speed and user experience, download a copy of How to Measure Site Speed in eCommerce. Let Steven Chinn, Director of Hosting at LYONSCG, break down not only why TTI matters but what technical and design elements can make sure your site works as fast as it can.

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