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Webinar: Understanding eCommerce Website Speed to Maximize Conversions

Steve Susina • July 14, 2014

eCommerce website performance has a direct and measurable impact on customer purchasing behavior. A slow or poorly performing site will have a negative impact on shopper experience, resulting in fewer products placed in online shopping carts, fewer completed purchases and ultimately, lower profits for the organization.

However, in today’s online retail environment, deciding which steps to take to improve site performance can leave the eCommerce manager uncertain on what steps to take. From conflicting claims by competing technology solutions to a lack of understanding of how site performance impacts shopper behavior, it is no wonder site performance remains a real concern for eCommerce websites.

In this educational webinar on The Importance of Site Speed in eCommerce, Stephen Chinn, the Director of Hosting with LYONSCG, discussed website performance and share ideas on how eCommerce professionals can enhance their site performance. The presentation covered:

  • The latest research on website page-load speed and its impact on eCommerce
  • The difference between time-to-load and time-to-interact, and why time-to-interact is the more important measure.
  • Three tactics – caching, compression and execution – that eCommerce site managers can use to improve eCommerce site performance.

So, if you want to optimize your site for speed and user experience, download a copy of The Importance of Site Speed in eCommerce. Let Steven Chinn, break down not only why TTI matters but what technical and design elements can make sure your works as fast as it can.

Steve Susina

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