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Four roles that ensure a successful eCommerce implementation

Tim • May 22, 2014

Implementing a new eCommerce site can be daunting. Costs, timelines, and business changes are just a few of the challenges when it comes to replatforming your site. There’s a lot to digest and understand during the process, and a little help in keeping things straight is always a good thing. That’s why LYONSCG has developed four specific roles to ensure the smoothest implementation process possible from beginning to end for your new project.

These roles are designed to allow the seamless flow of information from your team to ours and are used to build solid relationships throughout the timeline of your project.

These roles are designed to allow the seamless flow of information from your team to ours and are used to build solid relationships throughout the timeline of your project.

At LYONSCG, four roles help bridge and curate the relationships between clients and our employees throughout an eCommerce implementation. To help the flow of work and communication, these four roles work together both individually and as a whole to ensure the best outcome of our working relationships.

Account Manager

The Account Manager is responsible for establishing the overall success in our relationship with you. A key part of this success includes assisting you in realizing your commerce goals through the use of LYONSCG services. Account Managers engage with clients almost immediately after implementation kick off, and work to ensure the success of the project while bringing industry trends and best practices to uncover opportunities for mutual growth.

Project Manager

The Project Manager works to achieve client engagement and project success. A PM is responsible for delivering your project on time and on budget. The project managers at LYONSCG follow a defined delivery process to ensure that projects are delivered to a high degree of client satisfaction.

Engagement Manager

The Engagement Manager is responsible for the success of a project. They work closely with the Account Manager to focus on client satisfaction. They manage the project risk and ensure that the delivery process is followed throughout the lifetime of a project. Engagement managers mentor and coach Project Managers to guarantee the success of your project.

Application Coordinator

The Application Coordinator (or ApCo) is responsible for the success of support services. After your site has launched, the ApCo is there to ensure the success of your online store while monitoring and managing the day to day ongoing support of your site. ApCo’s are responsible for responding to enhancement requests and emergency issues, and they are in charge of coordinating appropriate resources to solve such issues. While the ApCo on your project is there to “keep the lights on” for your site, she is also capable of managing separate larger project initiatives that tie into the site. ApCo’s also work closely with Account Managers to ensure client satisfaction.

At LYONSCG, we value the relationships between us and our clients. As your chosen eCommerce consulting firm, we know you put a lot of trust in us to help you realize your eCommerce goals. With the roles of the Account Manager, Project Manager, Engagement Manager, and Application Coordinator, you will be able to rely on us to make sure the workflow of your project goes smoothly and all communication is clear. LYONSCG is focused on your success and on delivering a creative, booming, and profitable eCommerce site for you.

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