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Finding eCommerce talent to help our customers realize their eCommerce potential

Steve Susina • February 6, 2014

 Ashutosh Potdar, Senior Application Engineer, and Christine Bedalow, Director of Talent Acquisition, attend IIT’s Career Fair.

Here at Lyons Consulting Group, we are dedicated to delivering the most impressive and the highest quality work to better service our clients. That is why one of our core values, and something that we take great pride in, is value experience. We hire and attract the best people and talent, and by doing so, we create strong teams. By hiring the best, we give our customers the best.

In order to accomplish this, Christine Bedalow, Director of Talent Acquisition at lyonscg, explores various channels to find the best talent out there. While much of her effort involves online interactions through our website’s Career Page or our LinkedIn Account, Bedalow also realizes the importance of in-person opportunities to recruit the brightest and most talented individuals.

“Meeting a qualified recruit in person provides the unique opportunity for me to not only get to know the individual more intimately, but also allows he or she to get a better understanding of our company, beyond words written on a screen.”

So when Bedalow heard about a Career Fair at the Illinois Institute of Technology, she jumped at the chance to attend. “IIT has a wonderful reputation for technical degrees. I saw this as a great opportunity to expose our company to a very talented pool of people.”

Bedalow, along with Senior Application Engineer, Ashutosh Potdar, attended the fair on IIT’s campus last Thursday, January 30th. Lyonscg was among 140 companies represented at the fair, which saw over 300 students attend. Bedalow and Potdar spoke with many talented students who showed interest in the rigor and culture of lyonscg. Meeting face-to-face with potential future employees allowed the chance to add a personal touch to our recruiting process.

Bedalow saw the career fair as a great experience, and a way to build a reputation within the university setting. This is especially significant for a future internship program that Bedalow has in the works for Lyons Consulting Group. As to whether Bedalow thought any changes would have made the fair a better experience—“Free swag. College kids love freebies!”

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