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Steve Susina • January 16, 2014

ecommerce technology is changing quickly – more quickly than traditional platform vendors can manage. That’s why nearly all of our client projects involve designing, integrating and implementing solutions based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ecommerce platforms. If you go with the more traditional build or buy platform, one thing is certain: It’ll be a huge drain on your money and your time. And wouldn’t it be great if you could spend less on technology and more on what you do best?

why choose lyonscg’s saas model for your ecommerce solution?

  • Lower Costs – Under the SaaS model, your vendor manages all of the technology infrastructure, so all of the usual costs associated with technology, including hardware, software and personnel, are eliminated.
  • Quick Time to Market – Leveraging a SaaS model means getting all of the latest innovations, features and functionality more quickly than with traditional software packages or homegrown systems.
  • Easy to Manage & Use – Since your new SaaS system uses the Internet and is access via a browser, there’s less of a learning curve and a higher adoption rate.
  • Scalability – Because your system is hosted and maintained by your SaaS vendor, it’s easier to support rapid growth as your business expands.
  • Automatic Upgrades – The SaaS model allows for more frequent updates rolled out seamlessly and with minimal interruption to your site.

Steve Susina

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