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SEO Trends to watch in 2014

Steve Susina • January 3, 2014

The arrival of the new year offers the chance to reevaluate your digital strategy. James McDonald, an eCommerce Analyst at lyonscg, reflected on what we can anticipate for SEO trends in 2014, and provided some advice on how to better utilize this strategic tool.

According to McDonald, search engines are rapidly developing the intelligence to discern between websites that provide value from those that online give the illusion of value. In 2014, “SEO specialists will focus significantly less on techniques such as HTML, link building, and keyword tactics, and instead concentrate on the creation of relevant, engaging, and detailed content in order to dominate search rankings.”

The quality of search results has evolved for years, and we can easily assume there will be more changes in 2014. McDonald provides the example of Google’s August 2013 release of Hummingbird, and its ability to better understand the intent behind a search. This release revealed Google’s dissatisfaction with search results based on a searcher’s query. “Hummingbird could be the first shot in a search algorithm revolution where search engines figure out what a searcher needs, instead of relying on the words they typed in a search bar.”

As for advice regarding SEO in 2014? McDonald says, “Be original – create or hone your brand’s unique voice, and relay it through everything posted on your site. Secondly, create a mixed-media content calendar for the next year, lock down industry experts from your field as contributors if you can afford them, and make sure you give more detail than the next guy.”

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