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Webinar: Making the Decision to Re-Platform – A Case Study with

Steve Susina • May 24, 2013

Change can be tough, but in an industry where consumers are increasingly more web savvy than your own technology, you need to make sure your platform is ready to handle your visitor’s expectations and your business stays ahead of the competition. Your growth depends on it. So when do all those little frustrations you “put up with” on your current platform finally add up to give you the momentum to make that change?


Our webinar will inform your choice by way of spotlighting a client who knows firsthand the frustrations that come with working on a deficient ecommerce platform and had to make the decision to change in order to grow. This joint dialogue between, Lyons Consulting Group, and Demandware, will share the story of an ecommerce retailer that realized they needed to change. Instead of tapping out when they started experiencing multiple pain points, they accepted the challenge to change and pulled off a reversal that now includes a scalable ecommerce solution ready to grow with them as they strike against their competitors and raise the bar on the shopping experience they offer those visiting their site.

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Date: Wednesday, May 2nd
Time: 11am EST


Steve Susina

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