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Strong Company Culture Remains the Center of Lyons Consulting Group

Steve Susina • May 24, 2013

CHICAGO, IL  – Happiness and laughter are what makes the world go round. At least that is the mantra around the offices of Lyons Consulting Group (lyonscg), the premier eCommerce design, development and support firm based in downtown Chicago.

“We are a service organization and we understand that in order to have happy clients, you need to have a company culture that focuses on both your clients and employees,” said CEO and Founder of Lyons Consulting Group, Rich Lyons. “Having a strong culture where employees feel free to express their opinions and have a little fun throughout the day is imperative to a successful company.”

Lyons Consulting Group incorporates their core values and karma, the idea of what goes around comes around, in all aspects of the company. While many businesses only focus on making their clients happy, lyonscg spends just as much time, money and effort in making sure their employees feel motivated, involved and satisfied, what Lyons calls “corporate karma”.

Jeff Lesko, Creative Director and employee of lyonscg for over three years, adds, “lyonscg, by far has been one of the most interesting company cultures I have worked in; from a Meditation Room to a Feng Shui approach on employee satisfaction. Lyonscg is truly a great place to work where family life and work life do have sense of balance.”

Lyons concept of Karma doesn’t stop at the employee level. Lyons Consulting Group continues to pay it forward. As one of their core values, they believe that it is also their responsibility to serve not only their clients and employees but also the communities in which they live. Each year, lyonscg employees volunteer their time and donate money to several community organizations. Next month, they are spending hours on the streets of Chicago collecting money for The Children’s Memorial Hospital.

So how does a company interject “corporate karma” appropriately into their business?  Lyons advice: The first step is to ask. Each quarter, Lyons Consulting Group sends out a survey to its employees allowing them to anonymously share how happy they are with the company, with their position, with their boss, and additionally can give suggestions on how to bring a more happiness to the team. In addition to several opportunities for two-way communication and employee feedback, lyonscg offers several events to add some fun for their employees:

•    Open concept office space, complete with a meditation room with a relaxing water fountain and overstuffed couch
•    Career and personal development courses for every employee are highly encouraged
•    Quarterly team building events and an annual holiday party for the entire staff
•    A peer-elected “employee of the week” program – includes a trophy!
•    Office birthday celebrations with gourmet cupcakes
•    Team lunch each time a new employee starts
•    A gong is available to bang each time an employee has a success story they want to share

Lyons Consulting Group considers a good cultural fit as one of the biggest decision makers when interviewing a prospective employee. Their goal is always to hire the best and the brightest, but if the person doesn’t work well in a team environment, they most likely won’t be a good fit. Lyons Consulting Group hires people who want to have fun, who know how to laugh, and who work well with others. 

“We put a lot of effort into hiring the right person for the job as well as the company. We want people who enjoy interacting with others, not only with other employees, but with clients as well,” said Director of Recruiting at Lyons Consulting Group, Kathleen Coughlin. “We know if we invest in our employees, 9 times out of 10, they will invest in the company.”

lyonscg gets it: the best asset to a company is its human capital.  There are thousands of studies, including that prove happy employees are more motivated and produce better results. In a recent study by Hewitt Associates found four in five companies (82 percent) that have improved employees’ happiness have created excitement about the future of the company. Additionally, a study published in the journal of the Association for Psychological Science, found that happy employees contribute more to their jobs which boost the business financial outcome.

Next on the Lyons Consulting Group’s calendar: A fun, friendly (and I am sure a bit competitive) game of office dodgeball.

About Lyons Consulting Group (lyonscg)
Lyons Consulting Group is the premier eCommerce design, development and support firm dedicated to help our clients continually grow and succeed in their online business.  With a proven track record to deliver creative, robust and most importantly, increasingly profitable eCommerce sites, our diverse group of experts are committed to customer satisfaction and project excellence.

As the leading Magento and Demandware partner in the US, lyonscg has years of experience in graphic design, platform customization, technical development, backend integration, quality assurance and support. They understand each of their client’s sites and needs are unique, yet they are able to deliver each and every time. Bottom Line: Lyons Consulting Group will help your online business to know more, do more, and sell more. Guaranteed. For more information about lyonscg or to see their extensive list of clients, visit or call 312.506.2020.

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