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Next Meetup: Magento Layouts

Steve Susina • May 24, 2013

Attend this event for an opportunity to meet other Magento developers and users from all over Northern Illinois to learn and discuss the issues and capabilities of the Magento platform. This event will provide attendees with expert insight into Magento Upgrades. You will hear from our experts on how to pull relavent code from a site running an older version of magento and inserting it into an empty copy of the latest version of Magento.  You will also get an overview of Magento layouts in the backend and in the admin panel and learn how to revert back to core files.  Finally we’ll talk about deployment and syncing a production database with a staging site during a limited maintenance window.

Some of the main topics we will share:

  • how to import code
  • how magento converts a database from an old format to the current format
  • which files and directories must be copied from the old version
  • the different places Magento looks for blocks and template files
  • how Magento puts them all together
  • file structure of Magento and which directories have precedence over others and why.
  • how to add XML layout updates to CMS pages, Static blocks, and Category pages through the admin panel


5:30pm: Food/refreshments
6:00pm: Welcome
6:10pm: Presentation
7pm: Networking

Steve Susina

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