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lyonscg moves for the kids

Steve Susina • May 21, 2013

The Annual “Move for the Kids 5K” took place this Sunday in Chicago.  The race is one of the many fun events benefitting Children’s Memorial Hospital  – an organization that lyonscg has proudly supported since 2008.  A team of twelve runners and walkers was formed and ready to raise our heart rates for the kids.  With our lyonscg orange shirts ablaze we met next to Soldier Field to collect our race bibs, Children’s Memorial swag and signature sweatbands.  We were accompanied by four thousand other run/walkers milled about tightening their shoelaces and securing bibs onto their chests.  There was a fun and light-hearted energy in the air as folks of all ages, sizes and walks of life gathered together in honor of all of the children who have been served by Childrens’ state of the art facility and staff.


Before we knew it the start horn blew and we all bottlenecked past the rubber sensors on the ground that activated the electronic chips embedded in our race bibs.  Spectators cheered, cameras flashed, music blasted as we took our first steps north toward the Shedd Aquarium.  So many strollers!  So much love and support!  Our 3.1 mile course took us along the harbor with amazing views of Lake Michicagn and Navy Pier to the east with Buckingham Fountain and the skyline of lyonscg’s headquarter city to the west.  The sun was out as we ambled carefully over cracks in the path while we distracted Sales Engineer Samantha Frerking’s 2 year old son Jack from weaseling out of his jogging stroller by pointing out boats, sirens and lake water.  I quickly spot a studly and familiar flash of orange and black as our valiant CEO, Rich Lyons, chugs along after already making the turn to the finish.  We were filled with silent pride and continued on.   We passed fragrant trees in full bloom and one runner down for the count with six people surrounding her before we hit the first water station.  Being 33 weeks pregnant I wasn’t about to miss out on some complimentary lukewarm hydration.  “This water is for the Chicago Spring Half Marathoners!” I hear someone yell.  That ain’t stopping ME!  Nothing beats pulling the “pregnant card,” am I right?  After a quick bathroom break we hit the halfway point where the course turned 180° and sent us back south towards the Chicago Bears’ home field.  We were energized!  We were sweaty!  We took a few more pictures!  Bikers heading north weren’t thrilled about mobs of moms with strollers, dads chasing toddlers weaving left and right and older kids limping from bloody knees taking up the entire two-way path.  It’s for the kids, right?  And kids trump grumpy cyclists on a day like today.


Passing the 2 mile marker we marched on towards the Field Museum where course marshals pointed us to the left and up a hill.  Wait, there’s a life-size replica of a brontosaurus skeleton wearing a Blackhawks jersey in the opposite direction!  We blazed our own trail and saw Jack’s eyes widen in delight as the towering dinosaur came into view.  A few quick photos and we detoured back on course to finish the race with a bang!  Kids, flushed and sweating, fresh from their 5k journey, were lined up yelling encouragement and other exclamations as the finish came into view.  “Run!!!” a red-cheeked 8  year old girl screamed at me not understanding that I was walking on purpose…for the fun of it.  Samantha and I heeded the little girl’s call and broke from the family to cross the finish in a healthy, slow jog.  We cheered for ourselves and high fived.  “One hour, twelve!” Sam sarcastically celebrated upon seeing the race clock ticking away.  We’d finished and we felt GOOD! 

Steve Susina

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