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lyonscg pink ladies raise $620 in just two days for American Cancer Society

Steve Susina • April 26, 2013

PINK has taken over the city.  In Chicago, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a pink banner, a pink sign, or someone wearing a pink hat, shirt or even shoes to show their support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Last week, our Director of Resources, Kathleen O’Malley, decided that it was high time that lyonscg get in on the action of supporting the American Cancer Society, just like the rest of Chicago.  But instead of just wearing pink (like most people or companies would do), Kathleen wanted us to take it a step further.  Kathleen did a little bit of research and found out that a salon on Michigan Ave was helping raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month by giving people pink hair extensions. The concept: you pay $10 to get a pink hair extension and all the money would go to the American Cancer Society. 


Kathleen made the suggestion to all the ladies in the office and around 10 ladies volunteered. But we couldn’t just leave it to the ladies. This is something that affects both men and women. The day before the Pink Ladies went to get their extensions, we asked the men of the office if a) they too wanted to participate and get pink hair extensions or b) they wanted to sponsor a Pink Lady to buy an extra extension. Not surprisingly, not one guy took up option A. However, within an hour we had over 50 sponsors – meaning we just raised over $500 in donations! In. An. Hour. Just another reason I love this company, the culture it provides, and the fun we have as a team!


After all was said and done, the lyonscg PINK LADIES got 62 hair extensions ($620 in donations)! Not bad! 


Steve Susina

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