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Zenya Launches Highly-Customized Magento Site

Steve Susina • November 10, 2012

CHICAGO, IL – Lyons Consulting Group, the premier ecommerce design, development and support firm, announced today the launch of their latest client site,  Zenya is the world’s largest and most innovative keyword sourcing and categorization firm, providing Search Ad Agencies and large SEM advertisers a simple platform to find and download relevant, categorized SEM keywords.

The highly customized Magento site serves as a front end to the more than 51 million keywords housed in Zenya’s databases. The unique implementation incorporates numerous custom features and functionalities necessary for easy, intuitive use including:

  • Multi store capabilities with unique payment gateways and currencies
  • Tailored user-defined permissions, roles, and capabilities, based on user needs, to provide more efficient system administration
  • Tracks company purchases to avoid repeat charges across all related accounts
  • Custom-built complex tree configuration allowing more effective search results
  • Wish list functionality giving lower level browsers ability to send a recommended list of keywords on to users with purchasing authority. When the purchaser receives the recommendations, they have the ability to select and deny specific keywords from the recommended list.
  • Able to create specified rules for each subscription tier to define the relationship between cost and points
  • Integration with Sweet Tooth, a sophisticated rewards program which sets the stage for the purchasing configuration and payment gateway

“Because of the several complexities, we did a great deal of searching for the best solutions provider to build this site,” said Nicole Dutko, Director of IT Services at Zenya. “The team at Lyons Consulting Group has been amazing – from beginning to end in their responsiveness, reliability, tech savvy and attention to detail.”

“Zenya had several intricate customizations that were imperative to optimize the user experience,” said Rich Lyons, President and CEO of Lyons Consulting Group. “Our team is highly focused on keeping making sure each detail of Zenya’s site was built and designed with care and precision.”

The site,, was launched on October 16, 2011.

About Zenya is proud to announce Zenya, the world’s largest and most innovative keyword sourcing and categorization platform. Zenya provides Search Ad Agencies and large SEM advertisers a simple platform to find and download relevant, categorized SEM keywords. Zenya’s extensive database of 50 million+ keywords intelligently indexed into 250,000+ categories containing up to 14 tiers of granularity enhances clients’ SEM efforts by providing, via subscription, access to a wide range of relevant search keywords and the time-saving intelligence and structure to achieve the highest ROI. With Zenya, businesses can overcome the mounting challenges of today’s Internet search marketplace: facilitating, managing and building keyword lists; organizing thousands or even millions of search phrases; interpreting user intent; and targeting those users with relevant ads.

About Lyons Consulting Group
Lyons Consulting Group is the premier eCommerce design, development and support firm dedicated to help clients continually grow and succeed in their online business.  With a proven track record to deliver creative, robust and most importantly, increasingly profitable eCommerce sites, our diverse group of experts are committed to customer satisfaction and project excellence.

As the leading Magento and Demandware partner in the US, lyonscg has years of experience in eCommerce creative design, platform customization, technical development, backend integration, quality assurance, and support. lyonscg understands each client’s sites and needs are unique, yet are able to deliver each and every time. Bottom Line: Lyons Consulting Group will help online businesses know more, do more, and sell more. Guaranteed. For more information about lyonscg or to see their extensive list of clients, visit or call 312.564.3142.


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