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White Paper: Insider’s Guide to Successful Site Launches and Redesigns

Steve Susina • November 10, 2012

CHICAGO – In an effort to mitigate any challenges retailers face during site launches, Lyons Consulting Group (lyonscg) commissioned the e-tailing group, a local team of merchandising specialists and eCommerce consultants, to perform extensive research with several online retailers. With these pearls of wisdom gained from their research, the e-tailing group published a white paper titled “The Insider’s Guide to Successful Site Launches and Redesigns” which outlines the necessary steps businesses must take in order to produce a successful eCommerce sites.

During their investigation, the e-tailing group worked closely with several merchants and listened first-hand to their re-platforming experiences, both positive and negative. From these conversations, the e-tailing group were able to formulate the top 6 key recommendations that companies should use when re-platforming their site: strategic business thinking, a well conceived project plan, organization structures with diversified team members, selecting the right partners, diligent project management, and proper testing.  The white paper gives a thorough analysis of each recommendation.

“It is imperative that all redesign and re-platforming efforts in which retailers engage start with strategic business thinking supported by a well conceived project plan that incorporates both front-end and back-end requirements and that it be shared internally as well as with external partners,” says Lauren Freedman, author of the white paper and President of the e-tailing group.

While performing their research, the e-tailing group also found that an astounding “49% of merchants will look to re-platform their sites over the next three years.”

“The recommendations listed in this white paper are not only accurate, but should consistently be followed when any company is considering building an eCommerce site,” says Rich Lyons, CEO and Founder of Lyons Consulting Group. “We have witnessed this new energy around re-platforming and are excited the research indicates that this pattern will continue.”

The e-tailing group
The e-tailing group, inc. is the multi-channel merchant’s eye, bringing a merchant’s sensibility to evolving the multi-channel shopping experience. A Chicago-based consultancy, they provide strategic and e-commerce merchandising solutions to merchants selling online as well as to firms targeting that market.

Lyons Consulting Group
Lyons Consulting Group (lyonscg) is a premier e-commerce design, development and platform firm dedicated to making it easier for people to sell more online. Leveraging years of experience designing, building, integrating and supporting sites for some of the world’s best known brands including Warner Brothers, Hello Kitty, and Lifetime Brands, lyonscg delivers robust e-commerce solutions for retailers and consumer brand manufacturers of all sizes – solutions designed to make merchandising and marketing easier, while improving overall shop-ability and performance. For more on Lyons Consulting Group, go to

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