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Lyons Consulting Group Develops Sleek Site for Blink Fitness

Steve Susina • November 10, 2012

CHICAGO, IL – Blink Fitness, a modern, yet affordable fitness company, proudly announced the launch of their new site,  BlinkFitness’ custom site was developed by Lyons Consulting Group, the premier eCommerce design, development and support firm, to specifically allow full-service options for Blink’s clientele.

Blink Fitness isn’t like every other fitness chain. They offer high-end cardio and strength training equipment, modern locker rooms and showers, and a variety of fitness programs, personal training services and a front porch to relax and socialize – but all of this at a fraction of the price. What makes Blink different is their commitment to service and detail and membership is only $20 per month.

Blink’s business model is unique in that almost all of their business, 97%, is done online, allowing for low overhead and low membership fees, and making the need for a high quality and easy to use website even more critical. 

“Our goal is to provide fun, fast and affordable fitness,” said Jeff Grayson, CIO of Blink Fitness. “We needed to make sure our site was as effective as possible, meanwhile showcasing our brand and our distinctive features. In working with Lyons Consulting Group, we have achieved just that.”

To give Blink Fitness clients the full gamut of online services, Lyons Consulting Group developed several key features for including:

  • Easy to use account management, allowing users to sign up for membership, and allowing clients to update their profiles, billing information, and to process membership payments
  • Integration with Blink Fitness’ backend systems to deliver real-time results for membership retention rates and revenue
  • E-newsletter subscriptions allowing clients to sign up and receive upcoming news, class schedules and reminders automatically
  • Search capability giving clients the option to search for the closest fitness location with complete club information including maps and directions
  • Incorporated the “Refer A Friend” program with full tracking capabilities including web and SMS/TXT capabilities to capture member referral
  • Test memberships with configurable messaging, duration and expiration date

“This is about building a relationship with a new audience,” said CEO and Founder of Lyons Consulting Group, Rich Lyons. “Blink has such a unique business model and we made sure that the site functioned in a clean and sophisticated way.”

The site was launched in February 2011 and Blink has already significantly surpassed their Q1 membership goal

Blink Fitness Mission Statement:
We envision a future where fitness is part of everyone’s daily routine.  We believe everyone deserves access to an easy-to-use, affordable fitness club. 

Our goal is to bring great design, integrated technology and accessibility to an otherwise intimidating and potentially boring experience.  We aim to make every interaction fast and easy.  Our approach is straight-forward: Blink offers the best of the basics – a convenient location stocked with premium cardio and strength equipment, dedicated stretching and functional movement areas all in a safe, clean and well-designed space – at an affordable price.

We are committed to engaging our members in fitness at their own pace and we consistently share fitness tips to use both inside our clubs and in your daily life. 

Ultimately our mission is to bring fitness to every city, every community and every body and in so doing, to build a brand that stands for good health, accessibility, value, ease-of-use and the highest standards in design, cleanliness and safety.

The Locations:
Our gyms are 15 to 17 thousand square feet. 150 pieces of high eng cardio and strength equipment. Designated areas for training, stretching and core work. We provide our members with the best possible experience which is friendly, professional and self-guided from our workout menus (pre-designed routines by our fitness experts) and equipment talkers that help better explain the use of our equipment to an easy to navigate layout all of which create an excellent fitness experience for all

Lyons Consulting Group:
Lyons Consulting Group is the premier eCommerce design, development and support firm dedicated to help our clients continually grow and succeed in their online business.  With a proven track record to deliver creative, robust and most importantly, increasingly profitable eCommerce sites, our diverse group of experts are committed to customer satisfaction and project excellence.

Having years of experience in eCommerce digital design, platform customization, technical development, backend integration, quality assurance and support, lyonscg understands each client’s needs are unique, yet are able to deliver each and every time. Bottom Line: Lyons Consulting Group will make it easier for your online business know more, do more, and sell more. Guaranteed. For more information about lyonscg or to see their extensive list of clients, visit or call 312.506.2020.


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