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One page checkout at its finest

Steve Susina • September 26, 2012

I just purchased another round of buckyballs for the office. Several of us are addicted to these things. If you don’t own a set of buckyballs, you should. So much fun to play with while you are on those long, drawn-out conference calls. Nothing like the oriental meditation balls or the squishy stress balls you used to get. SO much better.


But to get back to the real topic…


What just made this purchase extra special was that the entire purchase was done on 1 page in less than 2 minutes. A lot of eCommerce sites try and master the simple checkout process, but fall short. This page has just moved to the top of my list for best online checkout for several reasons:

  • The page is super clean. Design is simple and the call to action is in your face. You know what to do on this page.
  • Because this is a special edition, they provide that sense of urgency with listing “ONLY X LEFT” right above the quantity field. Makes you reconsider getting more than just 1.
  • They don’t forget about the cross-sell and up-sell. Easy way to incresase AOV.
  • They list the type of payments that are accepted BEFORE you enter all of your info. One of my biggest pet peeves is entering all my info and THEN finding out they don’t take American Express and I will have to re-enter all my information.
  • They have the option of checking if your billing and shipping information is the same.
  • The fields for entering your billing info are huge. So there should be no mistyped information and hopefully making shipments more accurate.
  • They list their security features (McAfee Secure) near credit card fields. You know you are safe when shopping on this site.
  • They cuten it up with fun verbiage – “pick your plastic” and “get your orange edition a friend” – without confusing the user.
  • Finally, the huge, orange COMPLETE MY ORDER! button at the bottom of the page just makes you want to push it.




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