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Client Conversations: Michael Gossling from Do My Own Pest Control

Steve Susina • September 26, 2012

A quick conversation with Michael Gossling from Do My Own Pest Control, discussing their recent ecommerce needs, changes and what their experience was like working with lyonscg.

Why did you select lyonscg? What sold you on us?

We were very impressed with our short conversation with Ashkan while at the Internet Retailer Conference.  We were also impressed with the client list that lyonscg had worked with.  We looked at some examples of projects lyonscg had consulted on and we knew that they could fulfill our wishes of taking our site to the next level.

What type of work were you looking for? 

We initially discussed moving our current site over to a Magento based site, but then we internally decided on a re-design of our current storefront.  After seeing the quality and workmanship of our project completed, we have no doubt that Lyonscg would be able to handle a full reformatting over to Magento if we so desire in the future.

What sort of issues were you having with your site previously that made you seek our expertise?

We have been in our current design for a few years now, and we know that to stay ahead of our competitors that we have to continually improve and change our site for the better.  We felt it was time to take our design to a fresher, cleaner format.

Did you have any issues when working with our team or during the entire process?

We did not have any issues other than within our own team of changing some of the job scope as far as other features we wanted to improve upon and or add to our job scope.  Lyonscg was very accommodating to our wishes and it was not a problem to go back and re-design a certain area of a page they had already worked on.  We felt they went above and beyond in making sure that at the end of the day we were satisfied.

How was it working with our team?

Great! The communication was always there and we knew from all of the questions and data mining in the beginning that Lyonscg wasn’t just worried about making a cool design, but that they wanted to understand our customer and make a design that suited how people shopped for products on our website.  The conference calls we had with the team were very informative and explained in great detail their thought process behind the design, which we really appreciated.

Would you recommend lyonscg to others? 

Absolutely.  We have no doubt that the lyonscg team can handle whatever you throw at them. 

how would you summarize your experience with lyonscg and the results you have seen from our work?

When faced with the decision that it was a time to redesign our existing retail website, we knew that we wanted to outsource the project to a company that could take our look to the next level.  After interviewing many companies we decided to let Lyonscg handle our re-design project. We were not disappointed.  From the initial process of wanting to understand our customers shopping experience and how it relates to the new design, to the communication and updates throughout the process, we felt that Lyonscg took the time to understand our customer and truly captured the theme and sharpness that we were looking for with this project.  They delivered on all aspects of our project and we are very excited to see the positive feedback from our customers on the new design layout. We know feel that we have our “go to team” when it comes to any future re-designs on our site.




For more information regarding lyonscg’s services, please visit our ecommerce services page.

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