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Retail Trends for 2012 and Beyond

Steve Susina • September 25, 2012

What should you be thinking about while planning your marketing campaigns for the upcoming year? While at the 2012 Annual Conference in Denver earlier this week I attended a session led by Scott Lachut from PSFK where he discussed a few top retail trends.  He focused on two main themes, “the new brand champion” and “retail on demand.”  These were hot topics discussed throughout many of the sessions during the conference; however Scott provided some interesting examples of several retailers and vendors who are at the forefront when it comes to these trends.  Some of those examples he shared include:

1. Enable shoppers to interact with each other to provide recommendations and advice

Who’s doing this now?

  • – allows shoppers to view recommendations from friends, celebrities, and experts and make recommendations of their own.  When someone buys something you recommended you receive a 10% affiliate fee
  • Tesco – the Share and Earn program provides customers with additional loyalty points for sharing a product on Facebook and then having other shoppers click on that link to make a purchase.

2. Provide enhanced, personalized service by requiring shoppers to provide additional information and a specific opt-in

Who’s doing this now?

  • Neiman Marcus – The NM Service app allows customers to interact directly with sales associates and notifies associates when the customer enters the store.
  • Modcloth – enables shoppers to communicate with stylists who use the customers’ past purchase information to make recommendations.

3. Help customers find the perfect fit

Who’s doing this now?

  • Upcload – allows shoppers to use their webcam to take their measurements so that they can find the perfect fit.
  • Sayduck – Offers a mobile Augmented Reality-based platform for iOS for showcasing products from furniture brands and retailers.

It is becoming increasingly important for retailers to connect customers, provide them with customized services, and enable them to provide feedback on which products and services they would like you to offer in the future.   

What can you do to empower your customers and provide them with a superior shopping experience in the coming year and beyond? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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