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Steve Susina • September 21, 2012

sara doudt, marketing manager

“At lyonscg, i actually look forward to coming in to work. my days are usually filled with fun, exciting initiatives where I get to be creative and share my ideas as well as collaborate with the best in the industry.

Brian Fritton, Applications Engineer

“With a desk close to the caffeine machine and no one yelling at me for putting my shoes on the desk, strong focus comes easily. It also helps that I’ve got sincerely intelligent engineers surrounding me that are interested in what I’m doing as you can be assured you’ll be in what they’re doing. The collaboration between and trust in engineers as well as the refusal to hire below A+ quality makes working at lyonscg a fantastic, balanced career.”

Ezri Hipolito, applications engineer

“Working at lyonscg has been such a great experience. The company offers great opportunities for employees starting right from day one, work is challenging, teams are friendly, employees are treated with same care as customers. And more importantly for me, it keeps me up to date with some of the most used web technologies and best practices in market today.”

Tony LaRusso, General Manager

“Lyons Consulting Group embodies everything I am looking for in a company…. Highly intelligent, skilled, experienced and caring people who will go above and beyond for their teams and clients. An impressive client list of leading Internet retailers in a high fidelity and vibrant atmosphere, supported by a management team which conducts themselves with the utmost professionalism and integrity, yielding career development opportunities for individuals and teams alike. At the end of the day, a truly great place to work!”


Steve Susina

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Steve Susina

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