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Turn Buy Now? Into Buy Now!

Steve Susina • September 17, 2012

Buy Now ButtonDon’t assume that since your customer is on your product page that they will automatically buy. Here are 5 things to consider when persuading your customers to push that BUY NOW button:

1. Product Images

Users need to be compelled to buy and the best way to entice them is with good imagery. Make sure to invest in good photography and not just one good shot, but have multiple product shots. Having several photos, usually one in a setting and one on a white screen, will allow customers to visualize themselves with the product and give the product scale while also seeing the image for exactly what it is without being distracted by backgrounds. Additionally, if your product comes in different colors or sizes, be sure to have images in all options. And don’t forget to add zoom, and if needed front and back.

2. Product Descriptions

Offer deep information about the product, its uses, and all other relevant information to aid the buying decision, such as safety precautions, appropriate usage – age restrictions, environmental limitations, etc., the story of the product – where it comes from, how it’s made, and what makes it special and care instructions.

3. Reviews

Just because you describe your products as “the best” doesn’t mean your customers will automatically agree. However, having other customers, even if they are complete strangers, review your product is one of the most effective way to increase conversion rates. Make it easy for your customers to see the average likability of an item, whether it be a numbered scale or visually with stars/icons. And don’t worry about bad reviews. Having a few bad reviews is better than not having any and it shows that your reviews are real, honest answers from customers rather than your marketing dept.

4. Help/Contact information

If for any reason your customer has questions about the product, make sure it is easy for them to call your customer support. Again, having the customer support number or email located in the same place on every page, typically in the header and/or footer, is the best approach. Other options are to have FAQ pages or even an online chat. Now it is up to your customer support to close the deal – so make sure your support is the same person who can answer questions and sell your products.

5. Strong Call to Action

The call to action is typically a button or possibly a text link that encites the customer to act. Make this button or link obvious and clear as to what it will do- will it add the item to a cart? Will it redirect the customer to the checkout page? Also, having these buttons be the same color, shape and size as well as in similar locations for each product on your site will make shopping for multiple items on your site that much easier.

Steve Susina

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