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Magento Sets the Table for Oneida’s Online Success

Steve Susina • July 16, 2012

Oneida is one of the most recognizable and successful suppliers of fine flatware in the world, as well as all manner of tableware. Founded in the late nineteenth century, by the 1980s Oneida was selling over half of all flatware purchased in the United States. They had begun selling online in 2006, but their online business soon demanded more than their original system could deliver. What they needed was a more flexible, scalable, and powerful ecommerce platform.

After a thorough review process, Oneida decided on Magento Enterprise as the ecommerce platform and turned to Magento Solution Partner, Lyons Consulting Group, to build their new online store. The challenges were many: they needed the ability to display patterns clearly for large product groupings, layered navigation, online shopping conveniences involving integrations with multiple third-party systems, the ability to handle huge surges in traffic connected with new promotions, and much more.

Lyons Consulting Group has proved more than a match to the task, and the success of Oneida’s online store has exceeded everyone’s expectations. They’ve seen a 30% increase in site traffic in a single quarter, greatly increased their conversion rates, virtually eliminated chargebacks and uncollected accounts, and have handled surges with ease, while setting new records for traffic and sales.

With the help of Magento and Lyons Consulting Group, Oneida has set themselves up for a very prosperous future.


For more information regarding the lyonscg + magento solution, please visit our magento enterprise partner page.




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