Our People

Matt Glaze

Director of User Experience

What do you like about the eCommerce industry and how do you see it evolving?

What I like about it is exactly that it is constantly evolving. I see it becoming more integrated into our daily lives through our devices and the technologies on the horizon that we may not even aware of yet.

Danielle Savin

Director of Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing

What was the best career advice ever given to you and why?

The ball is always in your court. Never stop following up until you know all parties are satisfied.

James McDonald

Senior Digital Consultant

What one thing most surprised you when you joined LYONSCG?

The depth and capabilities of our development department surprised me the most. Coming from an agency background, I had never been exposed to an organization that was capable of understanding and implementing such a diverse breadth of technologies as quickly as LYONSCG.

Jennifer Conklin

Senior Account Manager

What one thing most surprised you when you joined LYONSCG?

The focus and drive to be the best at eCommerce. I’ve worked for other agencies in the past – all have a wide breadth of services and scope. Our focus in eCommerce gives us a purpose as a team and an edge in the market.

Allison Zakowski

Human Resources Manager

If someone was just starting a role fresh out of school, what advice would you give them?

Take in as much as you can, be a sponge and learn from those around you.