Customer Experience Maturity Model

The LYONSCG Maturity Model is designed to help you assess your Customer Experience strategy and discover opportunities for optimization. The assessment covers four areas:

Business Strategy
Customer Journey
Digital Marketing

Following the quick survey, a LYONSCG Consultant will reach out to walk you through your business results. They will review your Authority Score, highlight your biggest opportunities, and share some advice on how to take advantage of these moving forward to shape your businesses road map.

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Customer Experience Maturity Model

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In what range does your site conversion rate typically fall?

What is your annual revenue?

What product vertical do you most align with?

What kind of merchant are you?

Our company has a customer data repository


Our organizational structure prioritizes the overall customer experience through all business channels


We have a yearly budgeting process


We have a strong understanding of who our customers are


Please select the most relevant option below:

We have a strong understanding of our competitors and the competitive landscape


We offer standard pricing and promotions across stores and channels


We provide customers with full visibility into both online and in-store inventory


We fulfill online Ship From Store orders


Our customers can return online purchases to a retail store


We offer Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) functionality to shoppers


We leverage Endless Aisle / mobile Point-of-Sale solutions


Our customer experience is optimized for mobile users


Please select the most relevant option below:

We segment our loyalty program customers based upon tier of engagement


We email to defined segments


Our email platform is integrated into multiple systems


We have an active paid media program


Our analytics program is integrated completely with our customer and marketing data


Our site is ADA compliant


We are utilizing the latest version of our eCommerce platform and its associated functionality


What are the most critical customer experience challenges your business requires assistance for?

Customer Experience Maturity Model

Thank you for your response.

You have successfully completed the survey. One of our consultants will reach out to review your response and show how you stack up against the rest of the industry. We’ll also share our thoughts on your biggest opportunities and what it might take to capitalize on them.

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