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Commerce Maturity Model

The LYONSCG Commerce Authority Score is designed to help businesses assess the health of their commerce strategy, and uncover opportunities to improve it. The assessment is conducted through a survey covering four areas:

  • Business Strategy
  • Customer  Journey
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology

Your assigned consultant will review your Commerce Authority score with you, highlighting the items that could inform your businesses road map, and the action items that accompany those areas of opportunity.


  • Result
Business Strategy 6 / 11
Customer Journey 8 / 33
Digital Marketing 4 / 6
Technology 2 / 6
Avg. Retailer Best in Class

Survey Results

  • Business Strategy
  • 1. Our company has a customer data repository

    You Scored 2/2

    You are ahead of most brands. This is considered best-in-class.

  • 2. Our organizational structure prioritizes the overall customer experience through all business channels

    You Scored 0/2

    Your customers want to shop where they want and when they want. Having a siloed organization usually creates conflict in a multi-channel business. Stores, Direct, and Web should be at least sharing a calendar and be transparent in their marketing efforts. Some departments should probably be combined so marketing dollars are not duplicated.

  • 3. We have a yearly budgeting process

    You Scored 1/2

    An annual budget is great, but most brands and retailers need to implement budget changes throughout the year. Business can change both positively and negatively, and these changes should be forecast at the mid-point of your year.

  • 4. We have a strong understanding of who our customers are

    You Scored 2/3

    You have done a great job of targeting your primary customers. There are always opportunities to look at other types of customers who are outliers within your audience and to understand how to serve them through marketing and messaging.

  • 5. We have a strong understanding of our competitors and the competitive landscape

    You Scored 1/2

    Your Digital Marketing team and/or agency could take this a step further and create a bi-yearly rubric of your competitors features, functions, and value propositions. This will give you a clear understanding of where you outperform and underperform relative to your industry, and where you have opportunities within your sales channels.

  • Customer Journey
  • 6. We offer standard pricing and promotions across stores and channels

    You Scored 4/5

    Excellent. You're delivering a unified commerce experience to your customers!

  • 7. We provide customers with full visibility into both online and in-store inventory

    You Scored 1/4

    Customers expect your site to provide access to the same product and availability information that your store associates have. Explore omnichannel Order Management Systems that provide robust "Available To Promise" functionality that can be integrated into your product detail pages.

  • 8. We fulfill online Ship From Store orders

    You Scored 0/4

    For most multi-channel retailers, there are tremendous opportunities to increase conversion rates, shorten transit times, and drive improved financial performance by leveraging your retail stores as regional fulfillment locations. Furthermore, this can be a lower-risk starting point for store-based fulfillment in order to assess your stores' ability to execute BOPIS strategies. LYONSCG can help with technology assessment, integration, and business process consulting.

  • 9. Our customers can return online purchases to a retail store

    You Scored 0/5

    What are the major obstacles keeping you from processing these returns? Consider quick-win solutions that don't require cross-channel integration to facilitate returns in the short-term. At the very least, processing these returns with a refund via in-store credit should be implemented.

  • 10. We offer Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) functionality to shoppers

    You Scored 1/5

    Executing same-day Store Pickup is difficult. Many mid-market retailers struggle to solve the organizational and technological problems that arise with time-sensitive cross-channel fulfillment. A robust Order Management System that supports store-based fulfillment is a must-have, but organizational alignment is key. LYONSCG can help.

  • 11. We leverage Endless Aisle / mobile Point-of-Sale solutions

    You Scored 0/4

    Explore extending your commerce platform into the retail store. Many modern commerce platforms support associate-facing "Save-the-Sale" applications - from simple "Order On Behalf Of" functionality within the commerce site to more complex mPOS apps.

  • 12. Our customer experience is optimized for mobile users

    You Scored 1/4

    Responsive sites provide basic mobile presentation benefits, however, optimizing your mobile experience is critical for gaining a competitive advantage. Can you elaborate on your mobile strategy?

  • 13. We segment our loyalty program customers based upon tier of engagement

    You Scored 1/2

    Having loyalty tiers based on customer spend is a standard practice. Many best-in-class retailers structure programs this way - e.g Nordstrom. However, by just looking at spend you may not be nurturing loyal customers at initial lower thresholds that could evolve with you over time. Consider adding points mechanisms for Reviews, user-generated content, and brand advocacy. This content can be extremely valuable in driving traffic to the site.

  • Digital Marketing
  • 14. We email to defined segments

    You Scored 2/2

    already have site behavior and past purchase data you actively segment upon, then your next step is to identify any remaining gaps in your email data profiles. For instance, are there any brand-specific engagements (such as customization or wishlist engagement) that would be beneficial to target? Beyond rounding out your data profile for segmentation, you are now in the "test and learn" phase. Make sure you have a strong testing plan in place to validate your current segmentation and confirm assumptions.

  • 15. Our email platform is integrated into multiple systems

    You Scored 1/2

    You have a view of your customer consolidated in your ESP, and likely have a good foundation of attributes to segment upon. As a next step, you should focus on behavioral or predictive data to round out your customer profiles. There are a large number of vendors that specialize in building out customer data profiles. If you leverage SFMC, collect tags should be implemented to gather on-site behavioral data.

  • 16. We have an active paid media program

    You Scored 1/2

    A robust media program is vital for brands looking to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. Paid channels should be driving significant percentages of traffic and revenue. If they are not, prioritize areas for potential expansion, and track results to determine what to do next.

  • Technology
  • 17. Our analytics program is integrated completely with our customer and marketing data

    You Scored 1/2

    Transitioning from a moderate to mature understanding of attribution across marketing, device, and offline behavior can be difficult. Depending on your business, this could require an attribution platform or specific attribution study. Before exploring these initiatives, determine how attribution insights will shape your business. This ensures that the attribution technology is worth the cost, delivering value and helping to shape the requirements of your analysis approach.

  • 18. Our site is ADA compliant

    You Scored 1/2

    ADA compliance can consist of a vast universe of compliance measures. Ensuring that the identified remediations are in alignment with ADA standards that pertain to you to avoid fines is a must.

  • 19. We are utilizing the latest version of our eCommerce platform and its associated functionality

    You Scored 0/2

    Understanding what platform version you are currently utilizing, and comparing its feature set against the latest version of the platform, may spark some interest in new features or an upgrade. This analysis can also help your site generate more revenue by taking advantage of the latest and new features.

  • Challenges
  • What are the most critical customer experience challenges your business requires assistance for?

    Personalisation and marketing.

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