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High-Value Load Testing: Fast and Functional Time-to-Market

Operational Excellence February 7, 2017

Brilliant new features are what keep digital storefronts relevant and popular, but it doesn’t matter how brilliant the feature is if it collapses under load as excited visitors attempt to […]

Agile Methodology: Putting Change to Work

Operational Excellence January 6, 2017

If you’re curious about the different approaches to product management, then Agile Methodology should be of great interest to you. What is Agile Methodology? It is a team-based approach to […]

Sketch vs. Adobe XD: A Designer’s Take

Operational Excellence November 16, 2016

As consultants, we’re always trying to shift with emerging trends and develop new and improved processes to complete projects with and for our clients. Finding and using the right tools […]

Magento 2.1: A Few Features to Get Excited About

Operational Excellence August 8, 2016

With a more flexible and advanced architecture, improved performance and scalability, and an all-new admin UX, eCommerce merchants have a lot to be excited about with the release of Magento […]

Functional Programming, JavaScript & Closures

Operational Excellence August 2, 2016

Ever since the JavaScript expert Douglas Crockford wrote that JavaScript is “Lisp in C’s Clothing,” interest in the functional side of JavaScript has exploded. Nowadays there are many libraries (and […]

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