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March 10, 2017

Canvas: Bringing Web Graphics to Life

Since its inauspicious introduction as a proprietary extension to HTML, Canvas has grown into a standard, universal graphics API. Simpler and generally faster than SVG, Canvas is the preferred engine for powering an ever-growing stable...

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First-Click Testing

January 31, 2017

First-Click Testing: Freedom From New-Feature Fear

Striking a balance between intuitive functionality and differentiated design is a considerable challenge in the world of eCommerce. Ideas for innovative site features often wilt on the vine, struck down by the fears and risks...

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January 26, 2017

Testing eCommerce Websites: What To Test And Why

As the digital marketplace continues to expand, a brand’s digital storefront and presence is more important than ever. Testing and optimizing functionality is critical to driving conversion: shoppers will leave your site if information is...

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Cheerful young woman smiling while sitting on the floor against white background with drawn home interior

January 18, 2017

Turning Inspiration Into Conversion

Shoppers are creative people. When they come to your site, most shoppers aren’t just searching for a product, but they are looking for inspiration. Walk into any large hardware store, and the first question an...

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December 28, 2016

Easy Template for eCommerce Competitor Analysis

If you’re redesigning or launching an online store, you know how important eCommerce competitor analysis can be. But if you’re not the most data-savvy person, it can be a struggle to organize and display your...

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December 20, 2016

Web Element Stacking Made Easy: The Z-Index Property

If you’re familiar with CSS , then you may be familiar with the z-index property. You might know that z-indices ensure your formatting layers appear in the correct order, but how exactly do they work?...

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Data Driven

December 15, 2016

Avoiding Data-Driven Disasters

Data. Is. Beautiful. I spend the bulk of my day in one data platform or another. For those of us who use data, uncovering a subtle trend with a substantial strategic impact on your business...

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December 21, 2015

3 Best Practices for eCommerce Product Page Design

By Elena Mintzias, Senior Production Designer You’ve spent a lot of time and money optimizing your eCommerce site to attract customers. Now the job of converting a visitor to a buyer comes down to how well your...

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November 11, 2015

How to Improve Your Website’s Communication Skills With User Centered Design

By Therese Kokot, Senior Experience Architect Let’s Have a Conversation When potential customers visit your website, they’re attempting to initiate a conversation. There is no limit to the number of questions they may ask while on...

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October 13, 2015

Pick a Card, Any Card: Sorting Out Your eCommerce Navigation

By Therese Kokot, Senior Experience Architect Card Sorting Provides Order In a previous article about intuitive eCommerce navigation, I described how baseline tree testing serves as a starting point to improving your website’s structure. Maybe labels...

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