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Salesforce XChange

May 16, 2017

Lyons Consulting Group Wins Global Delivery Partner of the Year Award at Salesforce XChange 2017

We’re excited to be in Las Vegas at the Salesforce XChange Conference this week. It’s always a great event. We love seeing so many clients and partners in one place. And we’re thrilled to announce...

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March 3, 2017

TLS Offloading Delivers Private, Secure, and Satisfying User Experiences

If you’ve ever been curious about how digital storefronts keep your login and payment info secure, the answer is Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is a cryptographic protocol that encodes communications and is a must-have for...

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February 17, 2017

Advanced Load Balancers: The Tools Behind Site Success

The world of online commerce is fast paced and never sleeps. Sales opportunities exist at all hours of the day, every day of the week. However, you still need to be able to perform work...

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February 7, 2017

High-Value Load Testing: Fast and Functional Time-to-Market

Brilliant new features are what keep digital storefronts relevant and popular, but it doesn’t matter how brilliant the feature is if it collapses under load as excited visitors attempt to interact with it. Infrastructure with...

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December 2, 2015

How to Prevent Tracking Codes from Crashing Your eCommerce Site

By Robert Mech, Applications Coordinator You just launched the largest marketing campaign in your website’s history. You’ve leveraged social media, and your website got a spot on the nightly news. Your boss is watching the...

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November 25, 2015

7 Quick Tips on How to Prepare Your Magento Store for a Flash Sale

By Stephen Chinn, Director of Application Hosting Services So, you want to have a flash sale on your Magento store? Are you prepared? Flash sales are a great way to generate money for your online...

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October 12, 2015

LYONSCG Expands Application Hosting And Support Operations With New Facility In Rockford, IL

New Office Reflects Firm’s Commitment to Rockford, Continued Strong Demand for eCommerce Hosting & Support Services CHICAGO, IL — October 12, 2015 — LYONSCG, the premier eCommerce digital agency serving online merchants, branded manufacturers and B2B...

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ecommerce site speed

August 25, 2015

The Top Mistake Retailers Make when it Comes to eCommerce Site Speed

By Stephen Chinn, Director of Applications Hosting Services Site speed in eCommerce is widely accepted as one of the most important factors in driving revenue. That’s because speed has a major impact on conversion rates and...

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June 8, 2015

Selecting eCommerce Web Hosting and Support

You’ve worked hard to get your new eCommerce site ready to launch. Your design is on trend. The photography should be hanging on a gallery wall. That 3D dressing room will have visitors trying on...

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April 16, 2015

Load Time: A Misleading Metric

There’s no doubt site speed is key to eCommerce. After all, it’s associated with increased traffic and a conversion rate. So more speed, more money. And, when it comes to measuring speed, most everyone is...

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