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Avoiding Data-Driven Disasters

Digital Marketing December 15, 2016

Data. Is. Beautiful. I spend the bulk of my day in one data platform or another. For those of us who use data, uncovering a subtle trend with a substantial […]

Tealium & Digital Velocity: Our POV

Digital Marketing June 2, 2016

We recently attended Digital Velocity, a Tealium user conference held in San Diego. Back with fresh insights, we wanted to share our POV on the company’s latest software and how […]

How to Develop a Plan for A/B Testing Your eCommerce Site

Digital Marketing April 6, 2016

A/B testing offers a host of benefits for your eCommerce website, from improved conversion rates, traffic, and SEO to sales, revenue, and your business’s overall bottom line. Knowing what, how, […]

Four Mobile eCommerce Musts for a Killer User Experience

Customer Experience September 3, 2014

Every time someone approaches a digital problem with the “WWAD” mindset–What Would Amazon Do?–an independent business dies (don’t try to be Amazon: leverage your brand, build a site that doesn’t […]

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